Calibrated Color Steel Powerlifting Plate

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Calibrated Color Steel Powerlifting Plate

Plate Size: 2.5/5/10/15/20/25kg

Diameter: Varies
Collar Opening: 50.5+/-0.1mm
Weight Tolerance: +/- 10 Gram
Material: Steel
Color: Varies
Surface Finish: 0.25KG~1.25KG Chromed Plating, 2.5kg~25kg Painting

Calibration plugs on back of plates for increased precision

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Xmaster Calibrated color steel powerlifting plates are made of solid steel to create a stronger, non-brittle and more durable. The plates feature high quality, unmatched precision and out standing performance. Our calibrated steel plate have a collar opening of 50.5MM, which designed to securely fit onto Olympic Barbell. Our elegantly designed calibrated color steel powerlifting plate with a thin profile allowing for more weight to be loaded onto the bar than the typical bumper plate for seriously heavy lifts. It is perfect for the people who want to improve their strength and exercise.

Our strict manufacturing processes ensure that each steel plate is within 10 grams of their weight tolerance. On the back of each plate, there is a calibration plug that allows for an even greater level of precision. Precision machining with 10 Gram tolerance for competition standard. Disc weights are easily identified by our attractive color and clear high quality ink lettering. All meet the IPF standards.
Xmaster calibrated color steel powerlifting plates are designed for powerlifting , weightlifting and training in general.

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