Single Plate workout-6 Great training exercises to use bumper plate

The bumper plates are available in the gym which can be used to do a lot of exercises, the single plate gives you a comfortable grip, and can also do a lot of movements to assist our main training! Here, we want to introduce you to do some classic movements which use bumper plates to train.


1.Barbell bench press

This is a good auxiliary training exercise that can help us strengthen the inner pecs.


Action process:
Lie on your back on the bench, hold a bumper plate (the weight based on your choice) on the chest, clamp the bumper plate with both hands, and then start the movement. Begin pushing the plate up, squeeze hard when you reach the top. During training, you need to keep the whole process slowly.

2.Plate Row

Which bumper plate do you like to do a lean-over row before a back workout? The plate row helps you strengthen your back muscles! Help you strengthen your back muscles better!

Action process:
Pick a bumper plate (any size) and grab both ends of the plate with both hands! Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, sit back with your hips (hip flexed), keep your spine neutral and your torso naturally bent down. Tighten your core to stabilize a neutral spine! Pull the shoulder blades back, then lift the elbows, pull the bumper plate up to the abdomen, pay attention to the contraction of the back when pulling up, do the pulling action with the hands again, so that the bumper plate is close to the abdomen, and then clamp the shoulder blades to squeeze the back muscles, stay two seconds. Slowly replay the plate, feel the back has open feeling, and then send the hand out. until the arm is straight.

3.Front plate raise

Somebody don't like dumbbells and barbells when training front raises, bumper plates are their first choice, the easy grip makes our training more comfortable.


Action process:
Choose a suitable bumper plate, your back against the wall, grasp the bumper plate with both hands, and then lift it up to the height of the shoulders, hold on for a second, maintain the tension, and then play back to the actual position slowly.

4.Bumper Plate Farmer Walk

For challenging grip strength, the power of the finger "pinch" is great!


Action process:
Pinch the edge of the plate and carry it for a farmer walk, which can exercise your finger strength very strongly. When performing the movement, you can lift one side or both sides, but you need to pay special attention to the posture, not to be obviously skewed, forward, hunchback, etc.

5.Bumper Plate Squat

This is a very good squat training aid. Squats are the king of training, and sometimes a small detail can make your movement’s quality worse! The most common problem is that the body leans forward too much, the core is not stable enough, and the tension is not maintained enough!


Squatting with a bumper plate, flat chest is used to maintain the balance of the movement while keeping the torso straight. As the bar pushes out, the torso resists it while maintaining tension and not allowing the torso to lean forward.

6.Bumper Plate deadlift


This is a warm-up exercise that we often do before deadlift training. After stretch the massage, we pick up a bumper plate and become proficient in the deadlift movement mode, so that the next step is deadlift training.

Post time: Apr-13-2022

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