Why Xmaster? There are so many fitness equipment suppliers in China, Why Xmaster?

A. a. Leading Manufacturer. Considering High Quality, Competitive Cost, as a direct large factory, Xmaster produce wide range products including Plate, Barbell, Dumbbell, Kettlebell etc , all these products are directly manufacturing in Xmaster Factory, with advanced equipment, Xmaster avoid extra middle manufacturing cost, and the strictly quality control bring you safety purchasing.

b. Quality&Service. Xmaster respect every single customer. We always stand by our quality. Xmaster manufacture products according to IWF, IPF standard. Xmaster take care every single manufacturing process which assure you get best quality product. We train our Xmaster’s employee every day, we give every feedback to our production and technology department, and we understand end user’s hobby and care what they like, what they hate. Xmaster always stand by our product.

c. Bright Future. Xmaster supply wide range fitness equipments which give you one-stop purchasing. Xmaster offer free design, QC service, new product developing ect which save your cost and time. You can easily get good quality and competitive price products from Xmaster. Xmaster also make every clearly position for your business scale and growing future together.

Xmaster’s quality is great, I think Xmaster price is much higher than other supplier?

A: Xmaster not only supply high quality level products for our customers but also provide affordable price to end users and make sure our customer making good profit on selling Xmaster products. How do Xmaster achieve these? Xmaster own complete production lines, many process are done by Xmater’s Factory directly which save profit to our customer. Xmaster have very strictly quality control process, most of our workers treat quality seriously which assure our defect product close to Zero. Enjoy the Xmaster Super Quality and Competitive price advantage.

Can we get Custom logo product from Xmaster?

A: Xmaster can offer Custom logo for our customers. We have professional designers which can draw different designs according to your ideas. We can bring your idea into actual model easily. Embossed logo tooling will be a little bit expensive, for silk-screen custom logo and laser logo it is almost free charge, we will not charge screen printing tool cost or charge very low tooling cost base on order size. Xmaster own full line silk-screen Production lines, Laser machine etc , CNC machine, Laser machine etc. Xmaster promise that we can bring your idea into actual mock up design with 48 hours for free. Enjoy the Xmaster Style Service.

It is difficult to source all gym equipments and control quality for us, does Xmaster can do something on this?

A: After serve top brand in the market for more than ten years, Xmaster have great experience and relationship in fitness industry, Xmaster have a very good outsource team, we have senior buyers who can help customer to buy different gym equipments which not produced in Xmaster. Xmaster will help you with product development and quality control system. Xmaster also stock many good gym equipments in Xmaster’s warehouse, so you can finish one-stop shopping in Xmaster which save your energy and cost. Enjoy the Xmaster Valuable One-Stop Shopping Service.

How can we be Xmaster Distributor? What Benefits can we get to become Xmaster Distributor?

A: We welcome you join Xmaster’s Family and become Xmaster Distributor. You can email us for Distributor details. For email: info@xmasterfitness.com. You can enjoy many benefits after become Xmaster Distributor.

a. High quality and wide range product lines. Xmaster have wide range high quality Equipment products, don’t worry about spending expensive cost on tooling development and new product development.

b. Good Warranty. Xmaster always stand by our product. We have very good warranty on our product, you can get good assurance after selling our product.

c. New Product. Xmaster will offer best and newest product product to our Xmaster distributor. We are bringing more than ten new products to the market every year

d. The individual uniqueness, you can easily capture market with Xmaster unique product.

e. Marketing. Xmaster cherish our Brand promotion. Xmaster do many Marketing every year. Xmaster participate world biggest Sports show such as FIBO, IHRSA etc. Xmaster are official Sponsor for many good athletes

Can we visit Xmaster? Where else can we meet if we can’t come to China?

A: Xmaster welcome you visit our factory. We welcome to meet you in Sports show such as FIBO, IHRAS etc. We can also fly to your country to meet you in person. You can also know our factory through video. Enjoy cooperation with Xmaster!


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