Factory Tour

Sincerely welcome to visit our factory

Production Workshop

1. CNC Workshop

CNC Workshop

2. Rubber Vulcanization Workshop

Vulcanization Workshop

3. PU Workshop

PU Workshop

4. Assembly Workshop

Assembly Workshop

Production Equipment

1. Rubber Vulcanization Machine

Rubber Vulcanization Machine

2. Chromed Plating Machine

Chromed Plating Machine

3. PU Machine

PU Machine

4. CNC Machine

CNC Machine

Testing Equipment

1. Durable Press Testing Machine

Durable Press Testing Machine

2. Dropping Machine

Dropping Machine

3. Salt Spray Testing Machine

Salt Spray Testing Machine

4. Dropping Bounce Testing Machine

Dropping Test Machine


2016 FIBO

2016 FIBO

2017 FIBO

2017 FIBO

2018 FIBO

2018 FIBO

2019 FIBO

2019 FIBO

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