For new beginners how to choose bumper plate?

Let’s focus on the 50mm standard bumper plate, which we highly recommend. Because it is compatible with the sense of layout, the sense of strength, and the comprehensive sense of CF. The bumper plate could be used in Powerlifting Training, Weightlifting training and Physcial training.
Based on current bumper plate we manufacture, we will give you a brief introduction. There are color bumper plate, black bumper plate, crumb bumper plate, PU competition bumper plate and competition bumper plate.
Current for the bumper plate, the main material is rubber, rubber is cut and pressed with Vulcanization machine. For color bumper plate, different colors will correspond with different weights, red is 25 kg, blue is 20 kg, yellow is 15 kg, green is 10 kg. And the weight for men barbell is 20kgs, and the female barbell is 15kgs.


crumb bumper plate


black bumper plate


color bumper plate

Regarding the competition bumper plate, it is produced according to the requirements of the IWF standard, the weight tolerance of the competition plate cannot exceed 0.1%. The weight tolerance for our competition bumper plate is 10 Grams.


Competition bumper plate

Now let's review the 5 types of bumper plate we just introduced, No. 1 crumb bumper plate, No. 2 black bumper plate, No. 3 color bumper plate, No. 4 competition bumper plate, No. 5 PU competition plate, according to production process of them, you can check the price. The price is from high to low are PU competition plate, competition bumper plate, color bumper plate, black bumper plate, and crumb bumper plate.
Next, We will do a test on some basic properties of our bumper plate.
1. Smell. The rubber plate is strong and durable, but the disadvantage is that it will have a smell, especially in the home gym. I will use my own nose to evaluate above plate. The final conclusion is that PU competition bumper plate and competition bumper plate have no odor, because their material-PU and 100% original rubber, it donnot have any smell. Then the color bumper plate and black bumper plate, almost no smell, and then the crumb bumper plate, because it is made of recycled materials.
2. Smooth. Usually training needs to change the plate frequently, especially weightlifting, it will be more frequent. The smoothness result shows that the competition plate and the PU competition plate are very smooth, and the other plates are slightly stuck, but they are still smooth.
3.Thickness. The thickness of the bumper plate is also a very important indicator. If the bumper plate is too thick, it is not conducive to handling and loading and unloading. The thickness comparison results show that the competition plate is the thinnest, followed by the PU competition plate, and then the color bumper plate and black bumper plate. The last is crumb bumper plate.
4. The sound of exertion. A good lift is often accompanied by a low and pleasant sound of exertion. The sound of exertion also helps our practitioners to perceive the rhythm of exertion better. After hearing the sound of exertion, then stop the excess immediately. The exhibition body quickly enters the support stage, and the sound of the force is produced. The sound effect of the competition plate and the PU competition plate is good.
5. Rebound. If the rebound height is too high, there will be a certain risk of hurting yourself or others. Therefore, in theory, the lower the rebound, the better the safety. The rebound height of the competition plate.

Summary: If the budget is enough, the competition bumper plate is the best choice, it is durable and beautiful. The Cost-effective is colored bumper plate and all black bumper plate, moderate price and moderate performance. If you training on the outdoor, crumb bumper plate is good. If you do not practice weightlifting, only practice squatting, deadlift and bench press, the best choice is PU competition plate.

Post time: Apr-13-2022

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