XMASTER Loadable Dumbbell

Short Description:

Size: 3.5KGS/5KGS/7.5KGS
Sleeve: 50.0MM
Diameter: 28MM/30MM/32MM
Coating: Chromed
Plate matching type: Rubber change plate/Powerlifting Change plate/Dumbbell Bumper

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dumbbell bar

The Xmaster Loadable Dumbbell gives trainers incredible flexibility and control, a dumbbell with the familiar feel of a barbell.
The Xmaster Loadable Dumbbell is essentially a mini barbell, designed to the specifications of our range of bars the dumbbells feature a 50 mm sleeve, a combination of bushings , a 28 mm diameter shaft and the 1.0 knurling which is balanced to provide a secure grip and be comfortable for higher volume lifting.
It is a versatile tool, weight can be easily adjusted to suit training needs and can be adjusted in smaller increments so lifters can progress more naturally.
The dumbbell is designed to be paired with the xmaster range of rubber coated disc and powerlifting change plates and also urethane series change plate, however it is compatible with any standard Olympic plate. This means weights can be shared between dumbbell and barbell training. Our loadable dumbbell is available in three weights-3.5kg, 5kg and 7.5kg.

Product Features

1. Loadable design: You could load on a standard barbell by using the change plates, it allows athletes to easily adjust the total weight of the dumbbell as they go through different movements when you are training. This also makes our Xmaster Loadable Dumbbell wided used in gyms no matter commercial gym or home gym, where athletes need to be able to quickly customize the dumbbell to their own needs. One tool for all purpose.
2. Combine with new dumbbell bumpers: The loadable dumbbells are compatible with any standard size Olympic plates, we have also designed a unique new style bumper-Xmaster Dumbbell Bumper, it is designed specifically for use with or loadable bumper. With the diameter of 230MM, these compact plates create more of a centralized distribution of weight, resulting in a look and feel more like a traditional dumbbell.
3. Lock with Xmaster collars: We have delevoped new design Aluminium collar and plastic collar. Xmaster gives you one-stop purchasing. The loadable dumbbells, the change plates and the collars, sets are available to order.

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